Kitchen Gadgets Nutcracker

One of the Kitchen Gadgets that my aunt Jemima has is a Santa Claus Shape Nutcracker. I once thought that nuts were an autumn season dry fruit. I wasn't wrong completely since that's the traditional season in the year where nuts are collected. But now we can have them during the whole year. There are different kinds of nuts: Almonds, cashews, chestnuts, macadamias, pecans, pistachios, pine nuts and walnuts. For the sake of this Post though, I'm gonna talk about those nuts that need a nutcracker in order to grab the edible kernel in the shell.

Nuts are great. They have many valuable healthy properties like reducing the risk of heart diseases in 10%, that's huge. We can find nuts in many food recipes like chicken and we also have chocolates and ice creams with them. But, if you are a guy like me, you can also eat them on their own, I mean, the plain nut itself without anything distracting you from its taste.

My aunt's nutcracker has the shape of a fat Santa Claus. She's had got it forever since I have memory. What you do with that nutcracker gadget is to put the nut in Santa's belly and then you bend him down and guess where the nut end up coming from... yeah, from his butt! And that's why that nutcracker is so memorable to me. I'd hope that every kitchen gadget be like that. I mean, why do I have to be bored with just metal tools if we can have figures and traditional shapes doing the job for us.

Unusual kitchen nutcracker gadgets

So, my goal today is to show you some unusual nutcracker out there in the market. There are many funny figures and some interesting ways of taking the nut out of the shell.

1. Wooden Soldier Nutcrackers

soldier nutcracker

The good thing about these hight quality wooden nutcrackers is that they are suitable for Christmas decorations. It's kind of fun that a soldier be the responsible of fighting with the nut until he gets the fruit that he wants. I'd like to have this nutcracker gadget in my kitchen.

2. Star Trek Nutcracker

Star Trek Nutcracker

Wouldn't be just great to have Spock and Kirk from Star Trek to grab the nut fruit out of the shell for you? It's kind of geek I know but it also makes a good deal with your pals if you invite them to hang out with you.

3. Star Wars Nutcracker

Star Wars Nutcracker

These are the geek gadgets that I really should have. Wow, these guys rock. They produced this amazing kitchen nutcracker with the shapes of Darth Vader and Yoda. This is a must have nutcracker.

And I could continue all day showing you more cool and unusual kitchen nutcracker gadgets but those three from above are the ones that I'll buy. You can also find Disney-figure nutcracker and other cool screw gadgets. Every kitchen should have a nutcracker because nuts are not only meant to be eaten on their own but in nice recipies that can be present in any food we cook.