How to Install NES on iPhone or iPod touch using WinSCP

Guidelines for How to Install NES on iPhone or iPod touch using WinSCP:

1 º
You must have the iPhone or iPod touch jailbreak, and therefore have
Cydia installed.

2 º Go to Cydia.

3 º Go to Manage -- Sources -- Edit (top right) -- Add (up Left).

4 º Write the following repository (it will let you download from the
iPhone emulator): then give click to Add

5 º Go to Cydia -- Search -- write NES and look for file NES3 cracked and download it.

6 º Now you have the emulator (which has included two games), install it.

7 º If you want more games (roms), go to the following link: , then go to ROM Files -- Super Nintendo.

IPhone IPod WinSCP

8 º To install games you must use WinSCP (included in the zip). Enter into the program and enter your ip addres. If you don't know the ip you're using, go to 'Settings' -- 'WiFi', you can see the ip your iPhone is using. Enter the ip you're using (within the program) put in user: root , and in password: alpine , Port Number: 22 , File protocol: SCP. Click the Login buttom and choose 'Yes' when it ask you to confirm the Host (You could be asked to confirm the password again).

: If you have never used SSH go to Cydia -- Search -- Open SSH, download and install it.
For if in doubt put this video:

9 º Once inside your iphone (using WinSCP) go to root -- private -- var -- root -- media -- ROMs -- NES, and drag from this directory the rom or roms you have downloaded.

WinSCP Root

10 º Now that you have what you wanted, just leave the program and you're ready to play.


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